Conditions de réservation


The acceptance of the reservation is always subject to the acceptance of the profile by the landlord. The apartment is considered reserved after receiving the required documentation and payment (corresponding to a monthly rent).





  • University proof of registration /Institute or registration receipt
  • Passport / DNI / NIE
  • Permanent address (not the one of the apartments you wish to reserve)



  • Deed and company CIF
  • Public deed and proxy certificate and passport / DNI / NIE of the representative
  • Last declaration of corporate tax
  • Tenant ‘s Passport / DNI / NIE



  • Passport / DNI / NIE
  • Last annual income statement



  • Work contract copy
  • Last three payrolls documentation
  • Permanent address (not the one of the apartment you wish to reserve)


OTHERS (if none of the conditions are met, the rent will have to be paid in advance and in full)

  • Passport / DNI / NIE
  • Permanent address (not the one of the apartment you wish to reserve)





For 11-month reservations with open dates of departure.
In this case, you will have to inform us of your departure date during your stay. If you notify us less than two months in advance, you will have to pay up to 2 months after notice. If you notify us two or more months in advance, there will be no penalty.


Payment options: 

Monthly - Payment must be made monthly by transfer or debit/credit card, this must be received before the fifth day of each month.

Prepaid 100% - You can choose to pay for your entire stay, including the monthly utilities average. 



Payment options: 

Monthly - Payment must be made monthly by transfer or debit/credit card, this must be received before the fifth day of each month.

Prepaid 100% - You can choose to pay for your entire stay, including the monthly utilities average. 

You cannot cancel or shorten the contract, otherwise a penalty will be applied deducting the 2 months deposit.



Once you have received the corresponding documentation, you will receive instructions on how to make the different payments.  Any pending payment amount must be made before the check-in, either by credit card or by bank transfer

DEPOSIT – Equivalent to 2 month’s rent (Consult for stays of less than 3 months)

CURRENT MONTH’S RENT – If you access the apartment during the current month, you will only be charged with the proportional part calculated from the date of entry. If this is before the 15th, the proportional part of the first month will be charged. If the entry date is after the 15th of the month, the proportional part of the first month + the entire second month and the corresponding utilities must be paid

RENTAL SERVICES – Non-refundable: (The rental services include all the management of your reservation and contract, document management in the INCASOL, ITP management, check in and check out, as well as the signing of the corresponding rental contract, also includes an assigned manager during your tenancy and a telephone helpline for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

For bookings of 1 to 3 months = 70% of one month's rent + VAT
For bookings of 3 to 5 months = 80% of one month's rent + VAT
For bookings of more than 5 to 11 months = One month's rent + VAT


Our bank details:


Owner: Atemporal Real Estate S.L.

IBAN: ES7421000784810200071635


Reference: Tenant name and floor reference

Account number: 21000784810200071635

To reserve the flat, you must pay the minimum amount corresponding to a monthly payment, being able to make, if deemed appropriate, the total payment of the reservation that will include: Deposit (1 or 2 monthly payments, depending on the duration of the contract), Rental services (% of a monthly payment depending on the duration of the contract) 1st and 2nd month (or proportional parts) ITP (Transfer tax).



Utilities bills expenses are NOT INCLUDED in the rental of the apartment and will be calculated according to standard reference values ​​and the surface area of ​​the house. The approximate minimum cost of the expenses is the following:

1-bedroom apartment - € 100 / month*

2-bedroom apartment - € 150 / month*

3-bedroom apartment - € 200 / month*

4 + bedroom apartment - € 250 / month*

*Ask the agent on a case-by-case basis.


This payment will have to be paid together with the monthly rent within the fifth day of each month. At the beginning of the stay, the corresponding meters will be read. In case of observing excessive consumption, the amount of the difference between the estimated consumption and the real consumption will be communicated. At the end of the stay, readings will be compared and any difference in excess consumption will be charged. In some apartments, the consumptions will have to be paid with a fixed monthly rate. For more information, consult our agents.



The payment will be made monthly directly by bank transfer or credit card in our offices. Any bank expenses caused bytransfers, rejected payments or international credit cards must be assumed by the tenant. Payment must be received from the 1st to the 5th of each month. All payments must clearly indicate the number of the reservation and the name of the client as it will appear in the rental contract.

If the payment has not been received before the 15th of each month, a surcharge of 100€ applies.



Once confirmed that the apartment is available for your stay and you have received the documentation and the corresponding payments, you will be asked to sign a contract with the rental conditions, which will include the duration of the stay, the costs involved and the terms and conditions of use of the apartment among others. The signature of the contract will be made in the flat at the time of handing over the keys if all documentation and payments are up to date.




The cancellation policy depends on the type of contract chosen; however, in all cases, the Rental Services will not be refundable.


1.  The payments received for the reservation will not be returned in any case if the tenant renounces to the reservation.

2.  The reservation will be automatically cancelled if the full payment of the reservation has not been received on the day of the beginning of the contract.

3. The acceptance of the reservation is subject to the approval of the reservation by the landlord.

4. The acceptance of the reservation implies the acceptance of the general conditions of reservation of Atemporal Real Estate S.L.

5. A refund of the amount paid for the reservation will be made if any of the following cases occurs:

- If the property is not available in the date indicated as beginning of the contract.

* Non-acceptance of the reservation by the property.

6. In the exceptional case of the delivery of keys outside office hours* and holidays, this will have an additional cost of 30 € + VAT payable to the external agent who performs the service (set schedule). This service is subject to the availability of the agents.

            *Office hours: Monday to Thursday: 9:30 - 18:30

                                                          Friday: 9:00 - 15:00

During any day from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., the charge is 50€ + VAT.

7.  As a general rule, pets are not allowed in our apartments. In case of keeping pets without prior communication and subsequent approval of the property may result in the cancellation of the reservation and the loss of the deposit.


8. .The final cleaning of the apartment is mandatory and will be deducted from the deposit at the end of the stay.



It is necessary to pay a deposit equivalent to 2 month’s rent (ask for the amount for stays of less than 3 months) to ensure coverage of any damage caused to the apartment or its contents. By accepting our terms and conditions of use, you agree that any damage caused by you or any of your companions will be deducted from the deposit and that you will also be liable for any damages whose amount exceeds the value of the deposit.

The deposit will be refunded within a period of no more than 30 days after the end of the contract, as long as the client leaves the apartment clean and in good condition after the final inspection.

Deposit refund - the deposits will be returned by bank transfer. If bank commissions are produced, they will be charged to the client.



You will have to inform us in advance of your estimated time of arrival so that we can schedule your check-in on the floor. Please keep your property manager informed of any changes or delays.

Your property manager will have your phone number and your email address to contact you and request information about your arrival schedule. You, for your part, may communicate this information via e-mail or by calling the telephone number indicated for that purpose.

The address of the apartment is indicated in the reservation.

Your property manager will receive you at the apartment to give you the keys and provide all the necessary information for your stay in addition to signing the contract.

Your apartment will be available from 3:00 pm; however, we will do our best to advance your check-in in case you arrive earlier. The keys will be delivered during office hours, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In the exceptional case of key handover outside office hours, this will have an additional cost of 30€.

The check in on the floor and the delivery of keys are subject to the previous payment of the entire reservation and to the availability of the assigned manager.



Preparation for departure

One day before your departure or the same day, we will arrange a visit to inspect the apartment in your presence


Departure day

You will have to leave the apartment before 12:00h.

If you need to leave later, please check with your property manager if possible

You must leave the apartment clean and tidy, free of trash. If the apartment is not left in right condition, additional charges will be incurred in addition to the mandatory cleaning stipulated in the contract.


The apartment will be delivered clean and equipped.

The final cleaning is mandatory, and its price is defined according to the size of the apartment. The amount of the cleaning service will be confirmed when you make the reservation and will be deducted from the deposit at the end of your contract.



The number of guests must not exceed the number legally allowed in each apartment, except in the case of children under two years of age.



We appreciate your help in controlling the noise produced and keep it at a reasonable level, both in the apartment and in the common areas of the building. Your apartment is in a residential building. The hours of rest must therefore be respected. By signing the contract, you, the client, agree to behave responsibly and correctly on behalf of you and your companions.



Neither Atemporal nor the owner of the apartment will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of the use made by the tenant of the apartment, including damages or losses caused by fire, theft or criminal behaviour. All our apartments have insurance that covers damage caused by water, fires, and civil liability, but does not cover the loss of personal belongings due to theft.

We remind you that if you book an apartment with Atemporal, you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions of use, which we hope will fully comply.


Protection of personal data: In compliance with O.L. 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data, and in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016, the Agency informs of the existence of a database in which the information in this document will be entered, with the aim of maintaining and managing the contractual relationship with the Property. The rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition of personal data may be exercised before ATEMPORAL REAL ESTATE S.L at its registered office at Pº de Gracia 85, 8ª 08008 - Barcelona. The Owner gives his consent for ATEMPORAL REAL ESTATE S.L. to use the information provided for the production of statistics and/or share it with other licensees of its network only and exclusively for purposes directly related to the main purpose of the order and knows that such information may be shared with the authorities responsible for carrying out monitoring and control activities. 






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